Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thief thief thief - This morning Eldon and Payton went out to the car and found it had been broken into. The driver side door was badly damaged and the window shattered. Everything was thrown around and the car was trashed. Through the clean up we found that they had taken Eldon's wallet and that was it, nothing else. The remote to the garage was still there all our CD's (I guess they didn't like Sugarland!). There were gift certificates to local restaurants, my fleet fuel card, the car seat but they only took the wallet and my spare change. It was parked in the drive way and my dad's Jeep was right next to it maybe three feet between the two. Our morning consisted of calling the bank, my fleet mgt, Phoenix police, the credit cards and a host of other people to get every thing shut off. We found that they had already used one of the credit cards to make a long distance call to a correctional facility in Texas.
We got a call from Clay, Eldon's boss saying someone found the wallet! :) Yea! There was a business card in the wallet and that is what they called. Turns out the person who found it was our neighbor two doors down. Everything was still there (even a free banana split from RD's)except for the 3 credit cards he had. So really we are not out anything Wyeth is taking care of the car and we have the wallet back, just a big hassle!

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