Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Hunt Eggtravaganza

We started our egg hunt adventures about a month ago. Crazy right?  Her grandmother Jama brought a bag of eggs down and had so much fun every morning trading on and off with Payton who would hide and who would find.   Her competitive father also wanted to make sure she was ready to attack the field of eggs at our upcoming hunts! We started off with our own hunt with family and friends down at SRP last weekend.

I think it was more of a way for me to do some crafts!
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Ready, Set, Go....

Now we headed back to SRP Pera club for their huge egg hunt the next morning
 Her dad's strategy is to contain yourself as you run by all of the eggs to the back of the field.  Then you are by yourself to gather a ton of eggs while the crowds start at the front.
It is crazy how it works - the kids are flying past the start line and then come to a halt where the eggs start.  As the masses gather the crowd slowly moves to the back.  Payton and her dad are in the back cleaning up!  Her basket was full by the time the big wave of kids caught up with her! 

On to another...
These are some shots Eldon took at an egg hunt yesterday.  I was at a family photo shoot so Eldon was glad to take the lead. 
 Thanks Rose for a wonderful hunt - they had an amazing time.  Sorry I missed it.

They picked up 82 Eggs!!!

Love the firetruck!

We were invited to a 4th egg hunt after this one but it was in conflict of two birthday parties she was invited to!!!! CRAZY schedule of a 3 year old!

And finally our egg hunt at home on Easter Sunday 
She woke up and asked if the easter bunny came and hid all of the eggs for her?

Happy Easter!

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