Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dad's Surgery w/ Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown said that patient Mr. Brown did great! They did an illeostomy reversal and cleaned up some scar tissue from his last surgery. The great news is that is all they did!:) Dr. Brown said that since there was nothing visible on his scan there was no need to cut him open to go check things out, just do a quick reversal. They also looked at his colon and there was a small pocket there that they stapled up. He is doing well today and had been upgraded from ice chips to apple juice - he likes it frozen. He was requesting his apple slushies before he was even admitted. Jessica has been with him all day today - thanks Jess! Mom and I got flu shots on Thursday and with mom's low immune system she got sick yesterday afternoon. She said she was not going to the hospital today but ended up feeling better this afternoon and went for a short visit. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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