Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The ZOO Payton & Becca!



So cute Payton wanted to pull Becca around the whole Zoo


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sarah Crank: Bath Time all in Manual

Sarah Crank: Bath Time all in Manual: "Bath TimeSo, I am now continuously playing with my camera in Manual! Now that I know how.Thanks Me Ra Koh! Payton is making tea with her b..."


Ok, so this is so cute! Gymnastics at 3 years old! First stretching...

Do you see the all pink leotard?  Leotard spelled just like it sounds... funny word. Ok, anyways Payton wanted me to make sure I point out she is the one in all pink.  The body part of it is like a velvet material.  I didn't capture it on camera but she was making the teacher and the whole class rub her belly to feel it.   

 Balance beam... Payton loves to run on it.  It is a crack up watching the teachers tell her it is not a race with the other kids to see who gets to the end first.  Of course her dad is just beaming!  He (her dad) then turns to me and says "Sorry to say but she has the Crank genes in her." which of course we all know he is not really sorry at all he is so PROUD!

This is the obstacle course.  Again Payton is in race mode!

More fun to come.... She loves her gymnastics class!
If you would like to hit the gym too check out North Valley Gymnastics!