Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surgery 9/5/08

Eldon and Jess had to work Saturday so we decided to hit the cabin in Prescott on Saturday night for the night and cool off a bit. We met at Tara Thai for dinner and it was great. Maybe in my case too great I felt like I had eaten an Elephant but Jess said I didn't eat THAT much. All night I could not sleep my tummy hurt so bad. Then next day we got up and it I was still in a lot of pain. We packed up and decided to head back to Phoenix just in case. When I admitted to myself that this pain was worse than labor we drove to the ER. We checked into the JCL Deer Valley ER at 1:30pm on Sunday with a white blood cell count of 21,ooo 21 thousand! By 8 pm I was in emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. I am now at home recovering for the next two weeks and feeling a lot better!:)

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