Thursday, April 12, 2012


Wow time is flying by!!!!
I started back to work this week.  I started back monday April 9th which also happened to be my 11 year anniversary at work.  
Shocker it really feels like I'm on that speed walkway at the airport.  Life is moving fast for sure!  I was so :( sad to leave Cameron but I'm also feeling really grateful to have a great job to go back to and I know she is in good hands with auntie Hummy!

Cameron is changing with each passing day.  She is 11 weeks old as of this monday. 

What is Cameron up to? 

She is a #1 slobber! She is fully wet in a matter of minutes.  I think it started about two weeks ago. 

She loves to stand I mean love love loves to stand - she has loved it from day one!  Her legs are so strong it is crazy.  In those first few weeks when she would cry the only thing that would for sure stop the crying was to stand her up.

She just found her toes a couple of day ago and it is so so cute!  I am trying so hard to get a picture of her grabbing them but so far I haven't been able to capture it - I find my self just watching with a big smile.  

She is a great talker already.  You can sit with her and exchange coos - she imitates your tones and responds to my sounds with sounds of her own in the same tone - so so cool!

Alert from day one as well.  She was tracking by the end of her first week her and now she is fulling following and turning her head when she hears someone she knows and then responds with a huge smile.  She is smiling at everyone and is just such a happy baby.

She had her first trip to Cameron, Arizona :) I took some photos with her dad.



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