Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More of Baby Addison

Baby Addison was visiting from Denver this past weekend and I grabbed her from her mother and father who were in Phoenix for a Young Life conference.  Actually her grandmother who is my mothers cousin was babysitting her at my house and we nabbed her for a couple of photo shoots.  You might say a couple of photo shoots? ... well I just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous baby model and her Nona (aka grandma Melanie) was happy to oblige!
Ok back to who is this baby to me?  She will be my daughter, Payton's third cousin.
I might need a chart to explain but here goes...

Cousins:                My Mom (Janet)   -   Melanie (grandma Nona)

Second cousins:    Me   -   Melanie's daugher Cassandra

Third cousins:       My daughter Payton   -   Cassandra's daughter Baby Addison 

What is a third cousin?

You and your first cousin's parents were siblings.
You and your second cousin's grandparents were siblings.
You and your third cousin's great-grandparents were siblings.

I think I have it right?  Anyways lets get onto the cuteness!

Of course as always Payton is right there in the middle of the action asking for pictures of her TOO!
It is so precious!
The third cousins

I love the milk on her lip Ahwww

See more of Baby Addison at Sarah Crank Photography!
Thanks for the visit Cross Family! 

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